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Bement Pool Opens, Repairs not as Costly as Anticipated

Staff Writer

Village Mayor Pat Tieman stated the pool is set to open this week. The village had concerns of possible cracking, but the repairs ended up being less devastating than expected. Tieman stated, “ We do need to have it sandblasted to get it down to the concrete and do some repairs, but it is slated to open next week!!”

The village had been anticipating thousands of dollars in repairs and were not sure if the pool would indeed open.

The board approved a donation of $3,500 to the Bement Community Council for this years Fireworks. This takes place on the Fourth of July.

More Sidewalks, Buildings, and Clean Ups

Bement will be adding a stop sign at the intersection of North Morgan and West Wilson on the northern side of North Morgan.

Bement was awarded a Safe Routes to School Grant. Dave Clark, MFT Engineer of Bement Village, presented the announcement. A motion passed to approve the SRTS agreement for Phase 2 of the Safe Routes to Schools project. This project helps create safe sidewalks and paths to school for students going to Bement Schools.

Mayor Tieman was contacted by Pastor of First Presbyterian Church about eh curbing along Rt. 105, it is crumbling. The church is afraid someone might fall. The MFT Engineer stated that the Village can use MFT funds to repair the cubing. Tieman is obtaining quotes.

Jeff Funk and William Bell came to the board to present a request for a 60 foot piece of property to be vacated by the village. The property connects to the property they own on the south. There were also concerns about weeds and debris “encroaching the neighboring property.” The village plans to hold a public hearing on June 14, 2022 for the possibility to vacate a street at Cushman Street west of South Hinkley at 7:00 p.m.

Bement will contribute $600 to the clearing of 281 Cushman Street of trees that are “encroaching neighboring property.” Both Funk and Bell were thanked for the purchase of the properties and the clean up.

Speaking of properties, Pat Hunter purchased 148 South Piatt. He asked the village if he could put gravel out front on the boulevard to use as a temporary parking. The second phase of his project would be to put in a driveway between the house and existing fence. Doing so will eliminate the use for Wing Street. The Zoning Board has approved the project. The village board made a motion to ratify the decision of the Zoning Board of Appeals and approving the project.

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