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Superintendent Brett Robinson of Cerro Gordo Schools to Retire after 20 Years

Staff Writer

Superintendent Brett Robinson will be saying his final goodbye to Cerro Gordo Schools this year. He started off as a High School Principal.

Robinson started off at Cerro Gordo as the High School Principal from 2003-2005. In 2006 he became the High School Principal Assistant to the Superintendent. From 2006 to the present, he serves as the Superintendent of Cerro Gordo Schools.

During his time at Cerro Gordo the Junior and Senior High School went through quite a renovation. Prior to that, when he first started at Cerro Gordo, a new grade school was built in 2004. The schools are now one building for both instead of multiple buildings. Robinson is comforted by the renovation for security, “Yeah, so the renovations allowed us to keep everybody under one roof…” adding, “The first time since the 1950s prosbably, Cerro Gordo Kids didn’t have to go outside to pass from class to class. In this day and age, an extra level of security just gives peace of mind to me, and I’m sure to others.”

Robinson will be working as Superintendent for this final yar with Cerro Gordo schools. The search for a new Superintendent has just begun. “Right now Community Surveys are out there for people to fill out to tell the search firm what they would like to see in qualities and characteristics of a Superintendent. And they’ll gather that information and give a report back to the board.” He states that the position will probably be posted in July with selection around December.

As for Bronco Pride in the community Robinson says he thinks that attribute shows, “Yeah, I think there’s quite a bit of positive pride in the community pride in the community in the school. From all the various stakeholders, the students, the staff, administration, school board, and community ministers.” He states they are always there. “ To be there. They’re just like I said, a tremendous amount of pride in Cerro Gordo and Broncos, whatever that means, whether it’s athletic teams or anything else that’s going on in school musicals, plays, and from the big to the little kids in between. There’s a lot of pride.”

He states. “ By the time I retire, I will have met the criteria for full retirement benefits in the Teacher Retirement System and will by then, be ready to enjoy other things I’d like to spend more time doing.”

“It has been and continues to be an honor to serve the students, staff and community of Cerro Gordo as an educational leader.”

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