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MTZ’s Page to bowl at Missouri Baptist University

Aiden Page signs his letter of intent to bowl at Missouri Baptist University next season surrounded by his family.

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Mt. Zion senior Aiden Page signs his letter of intent to bowl at Missouri Baptist University.

Bowling is not offered as a high school sport in Mt. Zion or most schools. Page has bowled in a youth league since he was four years old. In high school, Page participated in football, basketball and baseball at Mt. Zion. Page will take away from his time as a Mt. Zion athletes are what it takes to be a team, a leader, believe in yourself and show support for others.

Page’s coach Gary Palas said that Page has grown over the four years in bowling while watching him mature and improve his life.

“I think he works hard to achieve his goals, in life, grades and sports,” Coach Palas said. “He had a busy schedule which he organized and maintained. With the last minute notice of Lincoln College closing affecting his planned education, life and sports/job opportunities, he was able to adapt and continue his pursuit of his plans and dreams.”

Page chose Missouri Baptist University because it is an NAIA school and a perfect location for his intended major. To Page, the campus was really nice and the staff and students were very nice when he visited.

Page’s goals for his freshman year in college is to be a varsity starter in his first year as a collegiate bowler, learn the dispositions of all of his teammates, help take his team to a sectional and National play and help bring his new team a conference championship.

“I hope to better myself as a bowler and person when I am on campus,” Page said.

Page chose to study Sports Management because of his love for sports.

“I think it would be a great fit because of where the school is located, with it being so close to so many pro teams in a wide variety of sports,” Page said.

Coach Palas would advise Page that he is going into the next phase of his life with lots of change. But not much will change.

“Now he will be much more responsible for himself; the management of money, time, effort, etc. will be important,” Coach Palas said. “He will still have teachers and coaches that will have much to offer. Keep working hard and accept the knowledge they have for you.”

Page will always cherish and remember the most about his time as a Brave is how welcoming the coach and staff were for every sport that he played.

“All the teachers and staff in the school were very supportive of all the sports at the school, and that was what made it even better,” Page said. “The coaches and staff did not just teach you how to play the game, they helped you to become a better person.”

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