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Piatt County Fair hopes to bring in more youth

COUNTY FAIR IN PIATT COUNTY. Chayton Day of Cerro Gordo is pictured with his AOB Reserve Champion heifer at the beef cattle show held Sunday morning during the Piatt County Fair which ran June 16-19. The Prairie Beef Association sponsored this years show.

Staff Writer

This weekend hosted the Piatt County Fair June 16-19 which brought out lots of families. The Fair had the beloved lemon sugary shakeups, inflatable games, Sally the Clown, a zipline, tractor pull, CGB Cheer performance, a baton performance, a kiddie tractor pull that was adorable to watch, multiple bands, a beer barn, bags tournament, loads of farm animals and prizes, which drew out loads of families. Some of the kids were involved with the Kid Craft Camp that took place the week before the Fair.

All of their creations were on display at the fair.

After one hot week in central Illinois, the Fair had some amazing weather, even if I did get burnt watching the Kiddie Tractor Pull. The pull reminded me of my youth spent in the same town. First the little kids went, pedaling a tractor tricycle with weight added to the back. They had to pedal 30 feet to get a “full pull.” Many of the kiddos did just that. The winners were given a few bucks with their ribbons. Even the big kids got involved with the CGB Cheerleaders cheering on each other. And my goodness did some of these kiddos pull some weight! Some of the younger ones pulled up to 125lbs!

Tammy Nuding and Tonya led the Kids Craft Fair Camp which drew out 77 kids throughout the week. The kids created dye shirts, hats, painted canvas, made flower vases, and lots of varying artwork and each kid ended up winning either a ribbon or a prize with their ribbon.

Carol Kussart the Treasurer of the Piatt County Fair board says they are attempting to draw out more families to the fair. She said she wants people to know, “That we are here and would like people to enjoy.” And I think this weekend they certainly accomplished that.

Coming up in Cerro Gordo is the Fat Hill Festival which will take place on August 6, 2022 in Cerro Gordo. It is an all day festival starting at 9:30am and will run all day. For more information you can follow their page on Facebook.

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