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Mt. Zion Lions Club recognizes Chief Skundberg

Chief Skundberg received the 2022 Mt. Zion Lions Club Citizen of the Year Award. From left to right he is pictured with his family Erik Skundberg, Josh Skundberg, Chief Adam Skundberg, and Kim Skundberg.

Mt. Zion Police Chief Adam Skundberg received The Lions Club 2022 Citizen of the Year award

Staff Writer

“It’s just a real honor and especially who it comes from,” Chief Skundberg said. “I have received some accolades over the years since I have been a police officer from time to time. But this is one coming straight from not just people here, but the Lions Club has just been such a big part of this community, ever since I’ve been here. And so coming from them, it’s just a real honor.”

Every year The Lions Club gives out the Citizen of the Year Award. The award goes to a person that has done particular things in a given year or sometimes the award is given to someone that has done those things for a cumulative number of years. It’s an award to recognize someone and show appreciation for someone who’s contributed substantially to the Mt. Zion community.

Every year names are submitted to the Mt. Zion Lions Club. Then the committee made up of Lions Club meme bees and a village board member decide who is worthy of this award.

Chief Skundberg is originally from Decatur, Illinois. Chief Skundberg attended Western Illinois University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science in Law Enforcement Administration. Chief Skundberg joined the Mt. Zion Police Department in June of 1996 at the age of 25.

During his time in Mt. Zion, Chief Skundberg has served as a Patrol Officer, School Resource Officer, Field Training Officer and Sergeant. Chief Skundberg became the chief of police in July of 2014 and is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy Session 279.

“All my years as a police officer have been spent with Mt. Zion,” Chief Skundberg said. “I started here at 96 and I was young, and just kind of got started and kind of started my career here. And it wasn’t too long, maybe very shortly after getting here that I realized this is where I wanted to be, and not just with the police, but to also raise my family here. It’s really easy to be a police officer, because you get tremendous community support.”

Jon Thomas of the Mt. Zion Lions Club said that he thinks its an award that a lot of the police officers in the department deserve recognition for the work that they do. In Chief Skundberg’s case, Thomas said that this is somebody that has committed his life to the department and the community.

“He’s worked in the Mt. Zion schools,” Thomas said. “He worked as a patrol officer. He’s worked his way up through the ranks. In the Mt. Zion Police Department. He stayed committed to the community. He’s involved in the community. He and his family are active in the community. He contributes to the community and contributes back through the aid through the police department, through the village events, whether it’s working on Christmas parade or Pony Express, he facilitates the safety and police services for all those events. And he always works with whoever it is in the community.”


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