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Lightning hits tree causing damage to Atwood home

Pam Andres-Harper and Greg Clark had a rude awakening on Saturday morning, July 9, when lightning hit the tree in front of their home causing it to fall on the house.

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

Pam Andres-Harper and Greg Clark had quite a jolt to begin their day on Saturday morning, July 9. Half of the large tree in front of their house at 404 W. Forest was hit by lightning and fell on their house. The tree caught the power line and the sparks charred the siding.

The Atwood Fire Department responded to the call, but there was no fire. They notified Ameren who disconnected the power to the house. A tree company removed the tree from the house on Sunday and Pam hoped to have an electrician at their home on Monday. Pam says there is extensive damage to the roof. Ameren will return after word from the electrician.

No estimate of damage is available at this time.

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