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Kids receive first aid lessons to stop bleeding

Bement Firefighter/First Responder Kiersten Rogers is shown teaching the children how to care for her “leg injury”. Photos courtesy of Katelyn Rogers

Children signed up for the “Stop the Bleed” class that was held Friday, July 22 at the Bement Firehouse. This class was open to children entering Kindergarten thru fifth grade.

Hosted by Bement Firefighter/First Responder, Kiersten Rogers, she taught children the “ABC’s” for the proper steps in stopping the bleed:

A: Assess (look) at the wound

B: Blood- how much blood is there? Should you call 911?

C: Cover- use your first aid supplies to cover the wound and stop the bleed.

Teaching children how to “stop the bleed” is important because it not only teaches them basic first aid skills, but it also teaches them to not panic or be afraid when they see themselves or someone else bleeding and in need of help.

This class taught kids how to bandage up bleeds safely and how to know if adult help or 911 is needed.

The kids used teddy bears as their “patients” and learned how to properly apply a tourniquet, apply pressure, clean and cover wounds on arms and legs as well as how to take care of head wounds/injuries. They then got pool noodles that had “puncture wounds” and they learned how to pack and wrap that type of wound. After this, they put their new skills to the test and were able to take care of Kiersten’s “Leg injury” (made with fake blood).

Then, they made first aid kits to take home which included an assortment of bandaids, bacatracin, a tourniquet, alcohol prep pads, small and large gauze pads, gauze rolls, various sizes of coban (self-adherent wrap), ice packs, trauma shears, gloves and tape.

It was a great morning and everyone learned a lot and had some fun! Thank you to the parents for signing up your kiddos!

Kiersten is currently going into her 4th and final semester of nursing school and is hosting this class to complete the required steps Parkland College requires to graduate with honors.

A special thanks to Tony Price (Chief), Kyle Rogers (Chief), and Chad Cottrell (Firefighter/First Responder) for helping out with the class.

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