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CUSD #305 Announces Heat Days Schedule

In an effort to try and help families and teachers plan, the Arthur School District is announcing that they will be starting school this year under an early dismissal heat schedule through Labor Day weekend.

The schedule and dates are listed below for your reference.  We understand that the weather can be quite unpredictable and may in fact be cooler than predicted, but hopefully this decision minimizes the stress that accompanies last minute decisions.

The operating schedule is listed below.

Schedules including times and locations for extra-curricular activities will continue to be communicated in advance for those that participate.

Early dismissal begins August 17 and ends on Friday, September 2.  

•High School dismisses at 1:15pm

•Grade Schools dismiss at 1:30pm

Regular dismissal will begin on Tuesday, September 6.

•High School dismisses at 3:13pm

•Grade Schools dismiss at 3:25pm

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