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Notice For Vote By Mail Ballot

ILLINOIS- Douglas County Clerk, Judi Pollock announced that all registered voters in the State of Illinois will receive by mail within the next few weeks a notice for vote by mail ballot in compliance with the following statute:
(10 ILCS 5/19-2.5)

Sec. 19-2.5. Notice for vote by mail ballot. An election authority shall notify all qualified voters, not more than 90 days nor less than 45 days before a general or consolidated election, of the option for permanent vote by mail status…

This mailing will allow voters if they so choose, to request their Vote By Mail Ballot using one of the following options: 1. Single Election Vote By Mail Application, 2. Permanent Vote By Mail Status.

As always voters will continue to have the option to Early Vote in the County Clerk’s office or Vote on Election Day at their Polling Place.

The Douglas County Clerk has advised that if anyone were to have additional questions concerning this information to contact her at 217-253-2442.

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