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ALAH volleyball eyes another 20 win season

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The Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond volleyball team comes off a 22-13 season and hopes to have another 20-win season and win a regional championship.

Head coach Emily Crossman said that her and her team are just happy to be done with all COVID restrictions and season changes going into the season and first couple weeks of practice.

“We had a nice summer full of a lot of hard work,” Coach Crossman said. “So they were excited to get back to some normalcy. And I know the senior class was really leading the way to start their final year at it.”

The off-season and first couple weeks of practice the team worked on trying to get a more efficient option while trying to figure out what the options will be.

“We’ve got a lot of interchangeable positions and some good options off the bench,” Coach Crossman said. “So just putting the right combination together,”

For one of the first times that she can remember, Coach Crossman will have a middle dominant team. The team has two senior middles in Charley Condill and Kaylee Schrock that Coach Crossman thinks will be a force offensively. Alayna Plank will earn the third middle spot and a starting spot after working hard this summer.

Coach Crossman said that her seniors have a gray dynamic and lead in different ways.

“We have physical leaders that are that will go on the court and dominate,” Coach Crossman said. “We’ve got vocal leadership in our seniors that are teaching skills to younger girls, and kind of showing them the ropes of what I expect from them. They

Are a very positive group, they include everyone and we’re just lucky to have those five.

Condill has taken on the role of leadership by making sure the team is a full team even though there are three separate groups. Each of the seniors have a freshman mentee that they work with individually and part of is helping the freshman know the team better.

Condill’s team goal is to win the conference and her individual goal is to reach 1,000 kills. Condill wants to be remembered by her teammates as someone they can look to on and off the court.

Alisha Frederick has brought energy in terms of her leadership, because the positive energy helps improve the play and has also helped the freshman know where to go in the rotation. Frederick’s team goal is to win the conference and possibly a regional and her individual goal is to know the hitters more since she is the setter. Frederick wants to be remembered by her teammates as someone who was positive all of the time.

Schrock has taken on the mom role as her leadership. Schrock said that she drives people places, made a freshman group chat, helped the freshman learn how to set up the nets and things. Since Schrock has been injured the last few seasons she has seen a lot of behind the scenes work.

Schrock’s team goal is for the team to constantly improve and have the never quit mentality. Individually, Schrock wants to have the most fun and enjoy her senior season. Schrock wants to be remembered by her teammates and coaches as someone who gave it their all in everything and as someone who was always there to pick up everybody, no matter what class they were or what team they were on.

Coach Crossman said that the team is hopeful to win a regional championship and win 20 games.

“We’ve got a really tough conference,” Coach Crossman said. “And it seems that you know, everybody kind of writes the roller coaster of who’s up and who’s down. We’re hopeful for a regional championship 20 win season. But we know it’s gonna take a lot of hard work to get there.”

Coach Crossman’s overall message to readers and the community is that these girls have worked really and hard and that she encourages the readers and community members to come to a home game.

“These girls have worked really hard and have been extremely loyal to the program over the summer, and some of them over their career,” Coach Crossman said. “And we encourage them to come to a home game and see what these girls have been working towards and see how we have a family atmosphere on the team and we’re very community minded. So come support all these girls hard work.”

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