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Bement Cerro Gordo Jr. High Cross Country Competes in Annual Jr. High Chrisman Cow Chip Classic

The Bement Cerro Gordo Jr. High Cross Country teams ran in the Chrisman Cow Chip Classic on Friday, September 2. The team is pictured here with the Bement Bulldog Mascot and Cerro Gordo’s Mascot Bucky the Bronco.

The Chrisman Cow Chip Classic cross country meet has Jr. High races by grade on Friday evening before the high school race the next day. The length of the course is and runs through the same cow pasture as the high school course. The Bement Cerro Gordo Bulldogs had runners in the sixth, seventh and eighth grade girls events and in the seventh and eighth grade boys events. The Jr. High course is two miles in length.

Results for the sixth grade girls were: Sara Hill, 6th, 14:45; 15th Aubrey Ferguson, 15:23; Maddy Willard, 44th, 17:13; Lauren Hill, 45th, 17:13; Avery Stoeger, 54th, 17:59; Darby Walther, 18:30(PR); and Brynnan Stinson 21:50.

Bulldog seventh grade girls’ results were: Maddie Callaway, 19th, 15:08(PR); Marley Bone, 27th, 15:43(PR) and Peyton Albinger, 78th, 22:36.

Jillian Durbin, 39th, 15:38 led the way for the eighth grade girls followed by Jazlyn Howell, 46th, 16:45(PR); Cassie Block, 51st, 17:07(PR); and Isabella Escobar, 64th, 22:00.

In the boys’ divisions, Bulldog seventh grade results were: Knox Shackelford, 21st, 13:15(PR); Lucas Fuson, 46th, 15:16; Silas Olson, 48th, 15:22(PR); and Clark Ryder, 61st, 16:49(PR).

Kole Somers was the lone eighth grade boy running for BCG and his time was 14:49 which was 52nd overall in that division.

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