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Atwood Village Board Sets Trick or Treat Dates

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

The Atwood Village Board voted to change Trick or Treat Night to Sunday, Oct. 30, at their regular meeting on Monday, September 12. Normally the village trick or treat night is held on Halloween, but the board decided to let the ghosts and goblins out on Sunday, October 30 in conjunction with the Atwood Chamber of Commerce annual Halloween parade and the United Church of Atwood Trunk or Treat Night. The parade will be at 4 p.m. and the trunk or treat will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. in the church parking lot, followed by all around town trick or treat.

A dispute between the Village of Atwood and Karen Eveland over her water bill and a leak caused by nearby construction was discussed. The board decided to abate 50% of the bill.

The owners of the property at 106 N. Kentucky St. recently contracted a company to mow the lawn on a bi-weekly schedule. Prior to this agreement, the yard was allowed to grow out of control and the village sent letters to the owners fining them for not being in compliance with the village ordinance. The board agreed to reduce the fine if the owners would continue to keep it mowed.

The board passed a motion to donate $125 to the Piatt County Soil and Water Conservation District to assist with electronic recycling.

A new Atwood Personnel Policy was amended and adopted by the village in the form of Resolution 2022-R-5. A new handbook has been prepared for distribution to the village employees.

The Atwood Sesquicentennial Committee, headed by Trustee Diane Eagan, asked the board permission to have the Wall Dogs paint the new sesquicentennial logo on the south side of the building at the corner of Main and Central Streets. The building is owned by Steve McClain and he has given permission to allow this project. The cost of the mural will be approximately $1,700.

The United Church of Atwood has had the south side of their parking lot paved. They are also redoing the circle drive and taking out the curb along the drive. The church requested financial help to replace the sidewalk and the approaches. The church would pay for the labor. The payment for the sidewalk totaling $2,689.50 will come from the street account. The remaining $2,418.50 will be paid out of the TIF account. The board voted to pay for the materials for the sidewalk and approaches. Trustee Harris abstained. The church is giving the village the rock from the parking lot to be used in the alleyways.

Questions about the fence at the old high school diamond were brought up. The fencing has been listed as surplus property. The A-H Youth League is going to use some of it for the batting cages at the park. The rest of the fencing is available for purchase.

The buyer will need to remove the fence themselves.

Rob Chenoweth was given permission to put up an event tent on park property on Saturday, Oct. 8, for a class reunion.

The board passed a motion to approve the new Resident Welcome Packet. Watch for more information at a later date.

Application for the 2023 park grants was approved. The village received the 2022 grants.

The board approved $9,128 for boring two conduits on each side of downtown Main Street for the beautification project.

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