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MTZ football wins homecoming game against Lincoln

JC Anderson tries to avoid a tackle after a catch in a 41-14 win over Lincoln at home in Mt. Zion.

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The Mt. Zion football team wins its homecoming game, defeating Lincoln 41-14. Makobi Adams threw for 321 yards, five touchdown passes and scored a rushing touchdown for the Braves during a downpour of rain Friday night Apollo Conference football game.

The Railers struck first in the first quarter. On their first drive the Railers finished it with a 17-yard rushing touchdown from Paytan Bunner. Angel Haro kicked the extra point to give the Railers a 7-0 lead.

The Braves received the ball and drove down the field. Adams then scored his lone rushing touchdown taking the ball in for a one-yard rushing touchdown. Brayden Traxler nailed the extra point to tie the game at 7-7.

The Braves’ defense contained the Railers’ offense second drive. The Braves’ defense stopped the running game and forced the Railers to punt.

Adams stepped up in the next drive and threw a short forward pass to Trimble. Trimble broke to the sideline and then cut back in for a 40-yard touchdown. Traxler nailed the extra point to give the Braves a 14-14 lead.

The Railers took their third drive and scored on one of Darren Stevens’ four completions. Stevens completed four of 12 passes and three 113 yards, but in the second quarter he threw a 56-yard passing touchdown to Kani Carson. Angle Haro nailed the extra point to tie the game 14-14.

Adams settled in and as he’s done most of this season led the Braves’ offensive attack. Right after the Railers scored, Adams stepped up during his third drive and threw a 22-yard pass to Trimble who was in double coverage in the endzone. Trimble caught the ball for a touchdown and Traxler nailed the extra point to give the Braves a 21-14 lead into halftime.

“I thought our kids did a great job of not letting the outside elements be effective and I thought we played hard,” Head coach Patrick Etherton said. “Offensively, I thought we made some plays and thought we did a nice job. We distributed the ball around and defensively we got kind of used to their offense and settled in. Our kids did a great job. I think we’re learning more stuff, getting better and our kids are getting excited.”

The Braves received the ball to start the third quarter. Adams and the Braves’ took four minutes off the clock and scored on the drive. Adams threw a 40-yard pass to Grant McAtte that McAtee caught in the endzone. Traxler nailed the extra point to give the Braves a 28-14 lead.

Adams went on to throw two more touchdown passes to Trimble and Jacob Harvey. The Braves won 41-14.

The Braves improve to 4-1 overall and 3-1 in conference play. The Braves travel to Effingham this week and kickoff is at 7 p.m.

“Their (Effingham) kids are so well coached. Coach Hefner does a great job down there and they’re big, they’re physical, and they do what they do, and they do it well,” Coach Etherton said. So for us, it’s going to be improving and hopefully getting some kids back that we’re out this week and then we will go down there and get better. That’s our goal every week and we have ultimate goals and this team is one step towards our goals. So we’re going to continue and hopefully we’ll continue to improve.”

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