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ACS Wins ECIC Conference Title

ACS Wins ECIC Conference Title. The Conquering Riders defeat Greenview (25-22,25-15) and went on to defeat Judah Christian (25-20,25-22) in the championship match to claim back-to-back conference championships for ACS volleyball. Selah Wheeler and Liana Kauffman recorded 9 kills in the championship match. (Front row) Alana Gingerich, Alayna Cutler, Deanna Graber, Sheridan Miller, and Jodi Kuhns. (Back row) Coach Sheryl Gingerich, Selah Wheeler, Lauren Ford, Selah Gregory, Liana Kauffman, Addi Erwin, Phoenix Kelmel, Brileigh Mast, and Assistant Coach Lovina Beachy.

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