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Oberheim delivers presentation at Prayer Breakfast

Amber Oberheim gives her presentation during the 2022 Mt. Zion Chamber of Commerce Prayer Breakfast. Pictured left to right: HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital President and CEO Theresa Rutherford, Jay Woodrum President of the Mt. Zion Chamber of Commerce, and keynote speaker Amber Oberheim. Photo courtesy of Linda Harper.

Staff Writer

The Mt. Zion Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual Prayer Breakfast laat Wednesday. The keynote speaker was Amber Oberheim who named her presentation Making Purpose of our Pain.

Amber Oberheim is the widow of Chris Oberheim. Chris Oberheim was a police officer for the Champaign Police Department. On May 19, 2021, Chris Oberheim responded to a domestic disturbance call at 3:20 A.M. Him and his fellow officer were getting out of the patrol cars when someone involved and the disturbance shot at both officers, killing Chris Oberheim and wounding the other while also being killed in the process. Chris Oberheim was 44 and in his 20th year as an officer.

Amber Oberheim started her presentation with clips from her funeral speech and asked the crowd to stop and be vulnerable. Prior to May 19, 2021 the Oberheim couple lived successful lives with Amber as a Nurse Practitioner and Chris a police officer while also loving softball and being a coach for travel softball for his four daughters.

Amber Oberheim continued throughout her presentation with the history of her husband’s story, her feud with WCIA over coverage on the event and discussed her book project. Amber Oberheim ended her presentation the same way she started by asking for people to be vulnerable.

“So I hope that you gathered a little bit more information about who I am and what my experience looks like,” Amber Oberheim said. “And I hope that you can be vulnerable in your experience today as you move forward with whatever that is whether it’s work or family. Hug your kids a little tighter for me tonight and and appreciate your spouses just a little bit more than maybe you would on a regular basis. Okay, because I know how it is. But today tonight, do something together that makes you remember how much you love him or her and just be vulnerable together for a minute and do that for me.”

The Prayer Breakfast included a performance by the Mt. Zion choir that included the National Anthem, prayers by multiple pastors in the area and a time of prayer at the end.

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