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Air conditioning systems to be installed at AGS and upgraded at LGS this summer

Tentative Tax Levy approved

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The Arthur School Board of Education’s most recent meeting held on Wednesday November 16 was held at the Atwood-Hammond Grade School.

Superintendent Shannon Cheek discussed the HVAC Bids that the district received for both Arthur Grade School and Lovington Grade School. The bids were for installing air conditioning at Arthur Grade School and also upgrading the AC system at Lovington Grade School. There were seven bids total. The lowest bid was awarded to Davis Houk for an amount of $1,158,775.00. The project is to begin this summer and hopefully be completed by the end of summer.

A tentative tax levy was approved with an estimated 6% EAV. Cheek stated that he will be proposing a Balloon Levy (there was not one last year) and is looking at a 9.43% Aggregate Levy which will require a truth and taxation hearing. The hearing will be held at December’s board meeting.

The October 2022 checkbook balance was $7,008,388.45. The total of the Education fund was $7,272,638.28. The balance of the Transportation Fund was $880,901.33 and the Building Fund was $2,217,368.10.

There were three donations received by the district. One donation was from the Kirby Medical Group in the amount of $40.00. The donation was given to the ALAH Athletics as part of the sports physical program at KMG. The other donation was from Sarah Bush Lincoln, the Arthur Clinic, in the amount of $1,020. It was given to the ALAH Athletics as part of the sports physical program at SBL. The Great Pumpkin Patch gave a food donation of hamburgers, buns, hot dogs, cheese slices, hot chocolate and cheese sauce in an estimated amount of $175.

Sports Director Nathan Seal informed the board that he placed an order for a new football scoreboard. It will take about 22 weeks for delivery. The board will remain on the west end of the football field along with having a few trees removed. He stated that it will keep the cost low by keeping the scoreboard where it already was since there was already access to power there. He is hoping to have it delivered by the end of April or beginning of May in time for the next fall football season. Seal also said that the basketball scoreboards should be coming in sometime during the month of December.

Superintendent Cheek touched on the school report card. He said those who are interested in reviewing the report card can go to and then click on “Public School District Lookup.” From there, one can type in the school district name or search through the provided available list. Once the Arthur district’s name is shown, you can click on the “paper-clip” icon under the report card link. Currently the ALAH District has a 89% graduation rate and for FY 22 Evidence-Based Funding, it is at 91% of adequacy with a total of $14,042,514 in expenditures. More information regarding academic progress can also be found on the site.

At the end of the board meeting, Cheek gave compliments towards wonderful Veteran’s Day assemblies that were held in the schools, a successful fall sports season and he was very happy with the fact that all four schools in the district were recognized as commendable. “I am proud of the conversations taking place in our buildings and in our admin meetings as they have all been centered around the kids,” he said.

Personnel Report


Recommend Mrs. Dana Tinkle as the JH Volleyball Coach

Recommend approval of Sarah Bailey as a volunteer HS basketball coach

Recommend Oakley Martin for JH boys basketball Assistant Coach

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