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Turkey Bowling at Michael’s Tavern Adds $$$ to A-H Christmas Needy Fund

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

We all know that we are getting close to Thanksgiving. Maybe that is the reason for the Turkey Bowl at Michael’s Tavern on Sunday, Nov. 13. Nineteen patrons paid $10 each to bowl 10 frames. Proceeds of $335.00 will be given to the A-H Christmas Needy Fund. This amount also includes some donations from people who did not bowl.

I’ve heard of Turkey Bowling, but had never seen it done, or know how it was played.

Let me explain how it is done. You take a 10 lb. or little less frozen turkey, be sure it is wrapped good, then wrap duct tape around it several times. A bowling alley of sorts is set up across the room consisting of two wooden pallets on either side and 10 bowling pins in the center. The object is to roll the turkey and knock down all the pins. It is not the object to hit people, but you do have to watch where the “turkey” is going. Bowling balls are round, turkeys are not. They roll like a football; you never know which way they are going to go.

It was so much fun watching people throw the turkey and completely miss the target.

It is was a game of fun for a worthy cause, the A-H Christmas Needy Fund.

Winners were: 1st place: Shane Rettig winning a turkey (not the one they bowled with), and a t-shirt; 2nd place went to Amanda Romine and 3rd to Lyle Eastin. Both of these winners won a $10 gift certificate to Michael’s Tavern, plus a Huggy.

The next time Turkey Bowling is held, plan to enter into the fun.

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