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Happy Birthday Ainsley Bags.

Happy Birthday Ainsley Bags. A large group of friends and volunteers gathered at the Atwood First Baptist Church on Thursday, December 22, to pray over the Happy Birthday Ainsley Bags that are now ready for 2023. Ainsley Drew Beck would have turned 8 years old on December 22. Each birthday bag brings joy to small children age 1 up to older kids age 18. While Erin and Bobby Beck are unable to give their own daughter a birthday, they share this kindness with many others. There were 228 bags sorted in ages and put in tubs ready for the next birthday person. Ainsley will always be remembered with kindness, love and compassion. Pictured left to right: Natalie Hutchcraft, Krista Hale, Jane Burton, Ruby Burton, Lane Burton, Griffin Ponder, Becky Ponder, Annelise Ponder, Layla Beck, Erin Beck, Selah Beck, Bobby Beck, Parker Beck, Hope Walker, Abe Binion, Silas Binion, Samantha Binion, Dawson Crist, Katatra Arnett, Kyndall Crist, Preston Arnett, Mallory Crist, Jim Arnett, Megan Stirrett, Katie Shoemaker, Jazmine Arnett and Shari Fleming.

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