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MTZ school board hears two items during visitor communications

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The Mt. Zion school board met on December 20 and heard two visitors speak. One was on racism and the other was a concern.

Makaylah Adams is a freshman at Mt. Zion high school and came to the board on the topic of racism. Adams has been in the school system since she was in kindergarten and has been harassed and treated differently over her time in the district.

Adams wanted to get over how the harassment felt and sucked it up, but instead decided to voice her experience and offer up her ideas on what can help. Adams spoke on how racism is an American mental health issue that links to trauma and direct mental illnesses.

The solutions Adams introduced were one a box where students can place a piece of paper that had on there the situation, names involved and what happened and the students involved would be a mandatory class that teaches the students involve about racism and how what people might say or do can not only hurt people but make people uncomfortable instead of the students receiving a detention.

The other solution Adams introduced was a culture day. The culture day would be something that has multiple cultures and lets students learn.

“This is a tough subject to talk about, but it doesn’t have to be,” Adams said. “I hope you consider what I said, because this is really important to me.”

Next in the meeting was the concern which was addressed by Kevin Johnson. According to Johnson, Superintendent Travis Roundcount and Matthew Beavers visited both Mt. Zion Intermediate School and the Mt. Zion Grade School on December 15 soliciting signature for Beavers’ candidacy for the next school board election. Johnson described that the pair visited the teacher’s lounge where teachers and substitutes were eating lunch and on break. According to Johnson, Superintendent Roundcount asked for them to sign the candidacy slip and when no one stood up to do so asked again.

Johnson went on to describe statutes that were broken by this incident. Superintendent Travis Roundcount in his staff communication address did apologize for his actions and if he made anyone feel uncomfortable.

The Mt. Zion school board also approved:

-Approved the first reading of the 2023-2024 High School Student Course Planning.

-Approved the authorization for bidding of the gym floor removal at the Mt. Zion grade school.

The next. Mt. Zion school board meeting will be held on January 17 at 6:30 p.m.

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