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Mt. Zion Police Department swears in Officer Brock Buscher

Officer Brock Buscher receives his Mt. Zion police department badge from Commissioner Bob Kistenfeger. Officer Buscher was sworn in at the December Mt. Zion Village Board meeting.

Staff Writer

The Mt. Zion Police Department added a new police officer to its staff. Officer Brock Buscher was sworn in at the December Mt. Zion Village Board meeting and heads to the academy on January 8.

Officer Buscher was born and raised in Springfield where he attended Rochester High School. He served three years of active duty for the Army at Fort Hood, Texas as a 19 Delta Cavalry Scout.

From there, Officer Buscher was a Sangamon County Court Security Officer for five years. There, he worked the front doors making sure no one brought any weapons or anything like that into the court house. Officer Buscher also served orders of protection and child support paperwork inside the courthouse and anyone who came in with a warrant he would arrest.

“It’s nice to have his military background and it’s always nice to have somebody that has a law enforcement background and he comes from,” Mt. Zion police chief Adam Skundberg said. “He comes from a family of law enforcement officers and previous experience with the same county sheriff’s department and court security. He still comes in with a fresh start when it comes to police experience but he does have that background, that law enforcement background helps out a lot.”

The biggest reason why Officer Buscher became a police officer was because of his dad. His dad was an officer in Springfield for 26 years.

Officer Buscher in his first year wants to learn the geography of Mt. Zion and the people of Mt. Zion.

“It’s kind of weird being a new guy just, because you don’t know a lot,” Officer Buscher said. “You’re still trying to learn everything, the job, the people, the town and everything like that. But everyone here has been really nice, super friendly and helpful and just the guys I gotta ride along with and make sure to teach me as much as they can.”

Officer Buscher’s overall message to the readers and the community is that he is going to do his best and give everything he can to this community.

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