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Village of Atwood Sporting New Logo

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

The Village of Atwood is sporting a new village logo. At the December meeting, the trustees looked over design samples and decided on the one pictured above.

The regular meeting of the board was held on Monday, January 9. The board approved expenditures in the amount of $58,212.40.

The board approved a motion to purchase an area of land 2.46 acres directly west of and attached to Atwood Park and the Piatt County Forest Preserve from Tad and Jamie Simpson at a cost of $31,980 using grant money. All closing costs, excluding attorney fees, will be paid by the sellers. After development begins, a fence must be erected the length of both parks. This will expand the park to enable additional parking, etc.

Village President Bill Fleming thanked Atwood Police Chief Rob Bross, law enforcement and volunteers who participated in the search for Karen Fennessy. He also thanked Katie Shumaker and Samantha Binion for stepping up and visiting her family in place of local ministers. It was just before Christmas and all the ministers were out of town. A private memorial service was recently held for Ms. Fennessy near where she was found.

Ordinance violations have been issued on two (2) commercial property owners. If no action is taken or communication received from the owners, action is being taken to remedy the issues. The board will follow-up with the 2nd and 3rd offense violations.

Nine new trees were planted since the December meeting. Medi-com has installed conduits to relocate the overhead fiber optic lines to underground. This should be completed by the February meeting. No further activity will be taking pace until after the winter season and soil conditions are such that the village can begin grading and removing the rest of the pavers and various sections of concrete. Once the concrete sections are removed, the board will schedule with Ameren to replace the current wooden pole street lights with the new decorative lights.

Concrete surfaces in the four (4) dugouts at both ball diamonds in Atwood Park has been replaced. The village will be contacting the fence company for an updated quote to replace the fence around these dugouts.

Village Resolution 23-R-1 allows village employees to use vacation time in ½ day or 1 day if needed. The board approved a change in the resolution to use vacation time in one-hour increments.

A motion was approved to upgrade the JD 2038 tractor to a JD 3046R tractor. It is larger and turbo diesel.

President Fleming gave the following report on the Kirby Building renovations:

1. Plans are to begin the demo portion of the new village office building after the police department has completely moved to their new location. This will allow the village to store items in the current police building while the village offices are under construction. He said they have established the demo to be performed in two (2) stages.

2. Stage 1 will include removing ceiling tiles, wall furniture, sinks/vanities, the carpet, all locks on interior doors and replacing the locks on the exterior doors. Plans are to install locks to access the clerk’s area and treasurer’s office area.

3. Stage 2 will include providing support for the lighting fixtures and ceiling vents, removing the ceiling tile metal grids and the designated walls.

4. After Stage 2 is completed, the project will be turned over to Davis Construction for the remodeling portion. Village employees will paint all interior walls.

A 3-year review plan for the village was distributed and reviewed.

Trustee Diane Eagan gave a report from the Sesquicentennial Committee. She said the committee will meet on January 10 and the chamber meeting will be January 11. Their agenda will be to focus on finalizing the tasks for the Sunday, June 11 unveiling of the of the 50-year capsule.

Cost of Sesquicentennial merchandise is as follows: Tote Bags: $7.00 (available); Window Clings (available): $3.00; Adult T-shirts (by order up to large/$1.00 extra for larger: $15.00; Youth T-shirts: $10.00; Crew Neck Sweatshirts: $25.00; Hoodies: $30.00. Shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies must be ordered and paid for in advance. They are available by contacting Doris Elmore at the United Church of Atwood.

Diane reminded board members and public to complete the Arthur School District 305 survey either on-line, pick up a copy at the high school or call and have them send a copy. She stated that future decisions for our school district will have a reflection on this town/community.

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