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Knights JH Boys Track Teams Begin 2023 Season at Home

Knight distance runners Cooper Shoemaker, left and Colton Snyder, in front of Cooper at the time compete in the 1600 meter run at the jr. high home meet last week. Colton would take fourth in the seventh grade and Cooper was fifth in the eighth grade.

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The Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond Jr. High boys track teams held their first meet of the 2023 season on Monday, March 20. The meet was a quadrangular with Okaw Valley, Tri-County and Villa Grove as the opponents. The seventh grade took first in the team standings while the eighth grade finished in second.

In the seventh grade competition Alex Olivero led the way with three individual firsts in the shot put, discus and the 200 meters. He also ran a leg of the winning 4 X 200 meter relay along with Bentley Hutson, Anden Berry and Jase Kingery. Bentley won two individual events, the 100 meters and the 400 meters and added another relay first with Berry, Kingery, and Conner Crabtree in the 4 X 400 meter relay. The eighth grade won five individual events and two relays. Josh Taylor won the shot put and discus, Cooper Shoemaker the high jump, Brennon Hutson, the 110 meter hurdles and Coye Grant, the 800 meter run. The 4 X 200 meter relay of Shoemaker, Brennon Hutson, Tyler Lisanby and Max Boddy won and the 4 X 400 meter relay of Shoemaker, Mason Thomas, Taylor and Lisanby were also winners.

The jr. high teams were to compete in Shelbyville on March 27 and will return home for a meet on April 3.

7th Grade Boys Team and Individual Results vs. Okaw Valley, Tri-County and Villa Grove
March 20, 2023

Team results: 1. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 69; 2. Villa Grove 48; 3. Okaw Valley 42; 3. Tri-County 31

Shot Put: Alex Olivero 28’ 10.5”, first;

Discus: Alex Olivero 70’ 6”, first;

High Jump: Beau Green 4’ 6”, second; Greyson Yoder 3’ 8”;

Long Jump: Conner Crabtree 12’ 6”, third; Greyson Yoder 10’ 3”; Colton Snyder 9’ 9”;

110 M Hurdles: None

100M: Bentley Hutson 14.58, first; Jase Kingery 14.91, fourth; Anden Berry 15.6; Conner Crabtree 15.89; Cannon Doggett 16.22; Anthony Graham 16.52; Dustin Snyder 19.15; Ashton Crumrin 22.25;

200M: Alex Olivero 32.19, first; Anden Berry 32.48, second; Cannon Doggett 34.62; Dustin Snyder 43.73; Ashton Crumrin 54.08;

400M: Bentley Hutson 1:07.2, first

800M: Beau Green 2:56.69, third; Colton Snyder 3:06.28, fifth; Solly Binion 3:24.19; Greyson Yoder 3:47.56;

1600M: Beau Green 6:16.78, second; Colton Snyder 6:17.75, fourth; Solly Binion 7:08.33;

400M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 1:06.21, second (Cannon Doggett, Conner Crabtree, Anthony Graham, Beau Green)

800M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 2:06.75, first (Bentley Hutson, Alex Olivero, Anden Berry, Jase Kingery)

1600M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 5:08.27, first (Anden Berry, Jase Kingery, Conner Crabtree, Bentley Hutson)

8th Grade Boys Team and Individual Results vs. Okaw Valley, Tri-County  and Villa Grove
March 20, 2023

Team results: 1. Villa Grove 73; 2. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 70; Okaw Valley 38; 4. Tri-County 13

Shot Put: Joshua Taylor 33’ 2”, first; Nick Rafferty 28’ 8”, third; Hayden Ely 25’ 7.5”;

Discus: Joshua Taylor 76’ 5”, first; Cameron McGill 58’ 2”, fifth; Nick Rafferty 51’ 9”;

High Jump: Cooper Shoemaker 4’ 8”, first;Tyler Lisanby 4’ 6”, ; Coye Grant 4’ 0”, fourth;

Long Jump: Tyler Lisanby 12’ 10”, fifth;

110 M Hurdles: Brennon Hutson 18.52, first;

100M: Max Boddy 12.85, second; Dylan Ingersoll 14.88;

200M: Max Boddy 26.96, second; Mason Thomas 27.89, third; Dylan Ingersoll 33.07;;

400M: None

800M: Coye Grant 2:43.21, first;

1600M: Coye Grant 6:02.88, third; Cooper Shoemaker 6:29.09, fifth;

400M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 58.7, third (Nick Rafferty, Mason Thomas, Dylan Ingersoll, Josh Taylor)

800M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 1:54.77, first (Cooper Shoemaker, Brennon Hutson, Tyler Lisanby, Max Boddy)

1600M Relay: Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 4:41.82, first (Cooper Shoemaker, Mason Thomas, Josh Taylor, Tyler Lisanby)

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