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Cerro Gordo Bement Seventh Grade Girls Win Invite at Arcola

CGB Bulldogs Darby Walther, left and Jillian Durbin, second from right, run in the eighth grade 1600 meters at the Arcola JH Invite last Saturday. Jillian would finish third in the race. The eighth grade girls were third in the team standings.
8th Grade Girls Finish Third; 8th Grade Boys-7th and 7th Grade Boys-8th

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For the second Saturday in a row, the Cerro Gordo Bement seventh grade girls track and field team brought home a championship trophy from a Jr. High Invitational. The girls scored 102 points to finish first out of the nine scoring teams at the Arcola JH Inivte on Saturday, April 22. It was a cold, windy day but there were still some outstanding performances.

Madisen Callaway once again led the way for the seventh grade with three individual firsts in the 400, 800 and 1600 meter races. Maggie Petty picked up another first for the team in the 200 meters and was also a member of the winning 4 X 200 meter relay team. Other runners on that relay were Brooklyn Dupont, Sarah Hill, and Makenzie Kendall. The squad will try to make it three in a row as they compete in the 13th Annual Mt. Zion Jr. High Invitational next Saturday, April 29. Meet time is 9:00 a. m.

The CGB eighth graded girls missed a trophy by coming in third behind Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond and Arcola who won their own invite.

The Bulldog boys eighth grade team finished in seventh place and the seventh grade boys were eighth in the team standings.

All teams will be competing at Mt. Zion on April 29.

Complete results for Cerro Gordo Bement jr. high track teams follow this article.

7th Grade CGB Girls Team and Individual Results
Arcola JH Invitational
April 22, 2023

Team Results: 1. Cerro Gordo Bement 102; 2. Arcola 45; 3. ALAH 44; 4. Neoga 43; 5. Central A & M 40; 6. Lake Crest Elementary 36; 7. Meridian and Okaw Valley 35; 9. Judah Christian 18

Shot Put: Brielle Puckett 23’ 2”, second; Ramie Shaffer 21’ 8”, fourth

Discus: Ramie Shaffer 45’ 9”; Brielle Puckett 37’ 2”;

Long Jump: Madisen Callaway 11’ 6”, sixth; Maci Mills 9’ 7.5”

High Jump: Avery Stoerger 3’ 8”; Maddy Willard 3’ 8”

100 M Hurdles: Addison Frantz 22.26, fifth; Maddy Willare 22.55

100M: Maggie Petty 15.11, second

200M: Maggie Petty 31.47, first; Brooklyn Dupont 34.65

400M: Madisen Callaway 1:11.14, first; Maci Mills 1:17.96, third

800M: Madisen Callaway 2:59.15, first; Sarah Hill 3:10.64, third

1600M: Madisen Callaway 6:24.21, first; Sarah Hill 6:48.77, third

400M Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 1:05.12, fifth (Maci Mills, Lauren Hill, Avery Stoerger, Alissa Johnson)

800M Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 2:12.76, first (Brooklyn Dupont, Sarah Hill, Makenzie Kendall, Maggie Petty)

1600M Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 5:20.86, second (Sarah Hill, Maci Mills, Maggie Petty Avery Stoerger)

8th Grade CGB Girls Team and Individual Results
Arcola JH Invitational
April 22, 2023

Team Results: 1. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 122; 2. Arcola 50; 3. Cerro Gordo Bement 47; 4. Meridian 44; 5. Okaw Valley 37; 6. Villa Grove 31; 7. Lake Crest Elementary and Central A & M 26; 9. Neoga 13

Shot Put: Claire Loftus 24’ 0”, second; Makenna Kindred 18’ 10”

Discus: Claire Loftus 55’ 6”, sixth; Makenna Kindred 45’ 7”

Long Jump: Cassie Block 10’ 10.5”

100M: Addison Jayne 15.29; Mikaela Jayne 16.03

200M: Addison Jayne 31.79, third

400M: Cassie Block 1:15.54, fourth; Rylan Petty 1:22.53

800M: Jillian Durbin 3:04.82, third; Darby Walther 3:23.64, fifth

1600M: Jillian Durbin 6:44.20, third; Darby Walther 6:59.27

400M Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 1:13.86 (Peyton Alblinger, Chesney Thornton, Scarlet Eustice, Darby Walther)

800M Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 2:12.03, third (Brynnan Stinson-Sheets, Makenzie Kendall, Mikaela Jayne, Addison Jayne,)

1600M Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 5:27.08, fifth (Addison Jayne, Mikaela Jayne, Cassie Block, Rylan Petty)

7th Grade CGB Boys Team and Individual Results
Arcola JH Invitational
April 22, 2023

Team results: 1. Villa Grove 65; 2. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 64; 3. Arcola 60; 4. Meridian 46; 5. Judah Christian 42; 6. Neoga and Okaw Valley 41; 8. Cerro Gordo Bement 28; 9. Central A & M 14; 10. Lake Crest Elementary 2;

Discus: None

Shot Put: Jacob Henderson 27’ 11”, fourth

High Jump: Ethan Long 4’ 8”, second

Long Jump: Lucas Fuson 13’ 8”; Ethan Long 13; 7”

110 M Hurdles: Jaxon Lehew 21.45, third

100M: Ethan Long 14.92

200M: None

400M: Jacob Henderson 1:16.56

800M: Lucas Fuson 2:51.02, fifth

1600M: Knox Shackleford 5:56.56, third

400M Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 1:00.40, fifth (Colton Piraino, Lucas Fuson, Jacob Henderson, Ethan Long)

800M Relay: None

1600M Relay: None

8th Grade CGB Boys Team and Individual Results
Arcola JH Invitational
April 22, 2023

Team results: 1. Arcola 94 2. Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond 57; 3. Central A & M 54; 4. Meridian 45; 5. Villa Grove 42; 6. Neoga 39; 7. Cerro Gordo Bement 33; 8. Okaw Valley 32; 9. Judah Christian 6; 10. Lake Crest Elementary 1

Discus: Trevor Cogdill 96’ 2”, third

Shot Put: Anthony Carver 35’ 0”, second; Hayden Gundlach 29’ 3”

High Jump: Trevor Cogdill 4’ 6”

Long Jump: Azul Mendez 15’ 9; sixth; Kale Blickenstaff 14’ 4”

110 M Hurdles: Tyler Thomas 20.48; Gus Mann 22.53

100M: Lucas Meinders 13.88; Trevor Cogdill 14.10

200M: Lucas Meinders 28.61, third; Kale Blickenstaff 30.66

400M: Azul Mendez 1:03.81, fifth; Anthony Carver 1:05.93

800M: Clark Ryder 3:35.24

1600M: None

400M Relay: None

800M Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 1:56.93, fourth (Lucas Meinders, Trevor Cogdill, Anthony Carver, Azul Mendez)

1600M Relay: Cerro Gordo Bement 4:34.67, third (Lucas Meinders, Kale Blickenstaff, Anthony Carver, Azul Mendez)

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