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MTZ’s Lydia Trump heading to McKendree for track

Lydia Trump with her family at he signing day to commit to McKendree University for track and field.

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Lydia Trump is heading to McKendree University to continue her athletic track and field and academic career next fall.

“I chose McKendree because I was gonna get both good academic and athletic scholarships out of it and they have a good progression for me to go into physical therapy,” Trump said. I” felt comfortable at the school and I liked the track coach and I knew that I would be able to run and compete there and I just knew that he would help me make more progress and to become a better athlete in college.”

Trump finished in ninth place with a time of 49.15 seconds after tripping on two hurdles in her last individual event at the IHSA 2A State Track and Field championships. Trump bounced back, picking her head up and raced in the 4×400 meter relay where Hillary Owens, Brooklyn Kondritz, Angelina Henderson and Trump finished ninth with a time of four minutes and 23 seconds. Trump hopes to take her encouragement on to the next level.

“I hope to take like my encouragement for the team and I hope to help encourage other teammates in college,” Trump said. “ I love to encourage, I like to encourage our high school team, even the boys team. I love to watch their meets, l all of our meets and cheer on everybody I see at whatever events I can and I just hope to take that with me to college and be able to cheer everybody on there too.”

Head coach Kelly Fox said that Trump improved a lot during her time as a Brave as an athlete, student and person and that was in part due to the “bulldog inside of her.”

Last year, she was ranked second in the 300-meter hurdles,” Coach Fox said. “She was clearly going to get second and on the last hurdle she stumbled, she fell and did not make it to state, talking about this so disheartening, right. Painfully you have that conversation with that athlete, you know what, everything happens for a reason, you know, and it’s hard. But, but listen, you use this to put a fire in your gut. And boy, that fire has been blazing all season long. She’s yet to lose in the 300 meter hurdles. And, she’s definitely, very much improved and everything definitely happens for a reason. She has done phenomenal this season, but what’s even better is she’s pulled all these girls with her, we’ve never qualified a four by four out. This could be the first year that we do that. And at the indoor top times we took first indoor top times that were four by four. But that’s all, that’s all because of Lydia.”

Trump will study in exercise science at McKendree and wants to have good grades in her first year of college and not get too sidetracked and athletically get used to and ready for the 400-meter hurdles that adds two more hurdles.

Coach Fox said that her last words of advice to Trump when she leaves for college is to always reach out.

“Always reach out and as far as that goes, keep those doors open,” Coach Fox said. I always say once you’re part of the track and running family, you’re always part of it and in between any of those highs and lows, I hope that she reaches out to me so that we keep that door open. But, she’s going to be successful just because of her work ethic, dedication, and commitment.”

Trump will always cherish her track and field team and their support in her time as a Brave.

“I will always cherish the team and how supportive we all are of each other and just how good of an environment this team is,” Trump said. And I’ll always cherish the relationships I’ve built and the school records that my teams and myself have broken and everything that we’ve all done together.”

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