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MTZ school board hears presentation on document that outlines workload for special education teachers

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The Mt. Zion school board met on June 19 and heard Special Education teacher Jill Driscoll discuss the need for a document that outlines the workload for special education teachers in the district.

Driscoll stated that in the summer of 2022 Driscoll along with special education teachers, teacher aids and teachers got together to be proactive to try and create this document. In December 2022, there were eight meetings to negotiate this document.

The document is drafted, but has not been confirmed and ratified.

“I do not understand the fear or hesitation of putting expectations in writing during this process,” Driscoll said. “We have the data, we have analyzed the trends and discussed the gaps in our system. It only makes sense to make a decision, put it in writing as to how to proceed before forward. Currently we lose valuable time that could be spent educating our students. We lose this time at each building, have the same discussion, having the same discussions over and over every year. That could simply be addressed by having the protocols in writing for limits and expectations pertaining to special education.”

Other actions the Mt. Zion school board decided on were:

-Approved an agreement with Unlimited/Milligan Academy.

-Approved fund warrants from April-May 2023.

The next Mt. Zion school board meeting will be held on July 17 at 6:30 p.m.

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