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Arthur School District contracts speech therapists due to shortage

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At the July meeting the Arthur Board of Education discussed the speech personnel shortage in the district. Contracts for speech therapists had to be utilized to fill the need. “There is this problem all over the area – not just here in Arthur,” stated Superintendent Cheek. Last year, the district used Abby Seef, and will be using it once again to service the high school. Abby Seef services the high school remotely at $90/hour. The district will also be utilizing the services of Ashby Therapy and Mary Johnson. Ashby Therapy costs $90/hour and Mary Johnson is $247/day which conducts its services in person. “If the school could find someone else to hire, the cost would be much lower, but it is what it is right now,” said Cheek.

The board also renewed its commercial insurance which had an increase of 16% due to inflation. The cost went from $67,300 to $79,600.

Other items discussed:

-The old scoreboard was declared excess property. The funds from the sale will go to the Athletic Fund. Tech items such as used chromebooks, computer towers and displays were also declared excess property. The sale of those items will go to the Education Fund.

-Cheek reported that there have been weekly meetings concerning the HVAC project. “Everything seems to be going well. The gym unit for Lovington has arrived and has been moved over there. Everything seems to be moving right along,” he informed the board.

-The lines on the high school track were painted on Wednesday and there was anticipation that it would be completed by the next day on Thursday. It will be opening back up to the public soon.

-The parking lot project was slated to begin the week of July 23. “There is no concern about not getting it done before school starts,” said Cheek. “There has been a lot going on this summer, a lot of projects and a lot of good stuff,” he added.

-The June 2023 bank statement’s balance was $1,734,907.53. The Transportation Fund was $156,165.73. The Education fund had a balance of $191,577.30.

Personnel Report
July 19, 2023


-Consider approval of Craig Swinford to serve as custodian at LGS

-Consider approval of Jesse Wood to serve as custodian at the high school

-Consider accepting Brad Dehart letter of resignation as custodian at AHGS

Extra Curricular:

-Consider approval of Morgan Cotton to serve as a volunteer Assistant Football Coach

– Consider approval of Whitney Wynkoop to serve as the JH Assistant Softball Coach

-Consider approval of Whitney Wynkoop to serve as the HS Assistant Girls Basketball Coach

-Consider approval of Mitch Wilson to serve as the HS Assistant Track and Field Coach

-Consider approval of Faith Rund to serve as the Freshman Class Sponsor

-Consider approval of Joel Lee to serve as the Junior Class Sponsor

-Consider approval of Kylie Russell to serve as the Sophomore Class Sponsor

-Consider approval of Rose Hollingsworth to serve as the Mentor Coordinator for the District

-Consider approval of Christian Gomez to serve as the Head Soccer Coach

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