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New Arthur organization, Arthur Area Arts Council holds its first two meetings

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The Arthur Area Arts Council held its first two meetings on June 12 and July 18. Presently there are about 12 members of the council: Ariana Cherry, Richard Herschberger, Don Chambers, Dennis Crumrin, Jill Bunker, Karen Good, Bruce Goble, Doris Reynolds, Christy Hopper, Janae Hopper, Marsha Boyer and Betsy Mars.

The group decided that as an organization, they would represent and support artists from Arthur, Lovington, Atwood and Hammond so that they would coincide with the school district. One of their goals is to hopefully reach out to students who have an interest in the arts.

The council also agreed on its mission statement with the help of its leader, Ariana Cherry. They decided it would be simple, but effective. The mission statement of the Arthur Area Arts Council states: “Supporting local artists and benefiting community outreach.” All of the members of the council have a passion for both the arts and helping the communities that make up the school district.

Other items discussed:

-The council’s first goal is to build contacts. Some ways to build contacts will be distributing fliers to businesses and organizations and taking part in community events. Other ways to build contacts would be to advertise on social media and create and hand out business cards.

-Both Richard Herschberger and Dennis Crumrin felt that it would be beneficial to reach out to the area schools and see if there are any students with an interest in the arts whom they could mentor.

-After a successful first annual art fair, it was decided to hold a second Art Fair during the Strawberry Jam in 2024. This would be held again in the Fellowship Hall at the Arthur United Methodist Church.

-The council made a decision to participate in the Arthur Cheese Festival Parade with Richard’s wagon displaying the logo and having interested members hand out flyers.

-Plans for the future include holding workshops, art festivals and open mic afternoons/nights. The council wanted to find out how they could have events in the Knight’s Court in downtown Arthur.

-The next meeting will be held Tuesday, August 8 at 6:30 in the Fellowship Hall at the Arthur United Methodist Church.

If there are any artists or anyone interested in more information about the Arthur Area Arts Council, contact Ariana Cherry at 217-246-1966 or send an email to

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