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Hey Kids, the A-H Library Awaits You for Activities

Making slime was lots of fun at the A-H Public Library. It made their hands gooey, how fun is that.

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

The summer library programs are over for the season and it won’t be long before school starts. Kathy Davis, coordinator of Children’s Youth Activities continues to make sure the kids have a good time coming to the A-H Public Library. On Thursday, Aug. 3, 15 young children enjoyed making cloud slime, guided by Kathy.

This is not your typical slime like you purchase, but it was gooey and fun. It is made with shaving cream, school glue, water with Borax as an activator. This was a learning experience as well as fun. Learning what activator does was interesting to the kids.

Kathy says it is more like taffy in consistency.

Looking at the pictures, you will see gooey hands, but it is amazing how it washes off your hands and how easy it is to clean the tables; not the sticky slime you purchase.

This is a year around project every Thursday at 4 p.m. at the library. It is open to children ages K-6th grade. Stop by and pick up a calendar each month that lists the activities.

The children are wanting a Lego Club. Anyone who would like to donate Legos, it would be appreciated. New or used Legos are accepted.

Thursday, Aug. 10, will be Bingo Day with fun prizes.

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