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Thompson Gets Jail Time Along With Probation

Marc Thompson, 40, of Atwood who hit his wife and pointed a gun at a sheriff’s deputy in an alcohol-fueled rage last year has been sentenced to 30 months of probation and six months in the Piatt County jail.

During his sentencing hearing for domestic battery and aggravated assault before Judge Gary Webber on September 19, Thompson apologized to his wife and the deputy.

The charges stemmed from a standoff that took place at their home back on September 17, 2022, and in June of this year Thompson pleaded guilty.

Thompson, while intoxicated, hit his wife Lacey on the head, prompting her and their children to lock themselves inside a bedroom. She then called 911 for help, knowing he was in possession of a gun.

Piatt County State’s Attorney Sarah Perry called Lacey to testify at the hearing. She stated she could hear Thompson arguing with deputies and he had struck her several times, bruising her face, nose, throat, and ribs.

Once outside on the porch, Thompson then pointed the gun in the direction of a sheriff’s deputy. The deputy, believing his life was in danger, fired at Thompson but missed hitting him. He also testified at the sentencing.

Thompson’s wife told Webber about the trauma his actions had on her family, saying two of the children refuse to sleep in rooms that have bullet holes because they are still afraid.

Officers were able to get the family members out of the house safely before taking Thompson into custody with the assistance of a taser.

In an effort to lessen Thompson’s sentence, his attorney, Evan Bruno of Urbana, called his supervisor along with a co-worker and a self-help group sponsor. They all believe his actions were driven by the alcohol and said he has stopped drinking since his arrest, changing his demeanor in a positive manner.

Perry argued for a three-year sentence in prison for Thompson while Bruno urged the judge to consider a lesser community-based sentence. He had no previous convictions.

Webber ordered Thompson to serve 30 days right away but allowed him work release. The judge agreed to hold the balance of his jail sentence in remission to check on his progress believing he was a good candidate for probation and unlikely he would repeat his conduct.

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