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Bement School Board Recognizes Conference Winning High School Boys Cross Country Team

Cerro Gordo Bement Cross Country team pictured at the Bement School Board meeting are as follows: Front Row L-R, Cole Stoerger, Brayden Strack, Evan Fogerson, Will Fuson, Dylan Howell, Noah Flach, and Tyce Alumbaugh. Back Row L-R, Ian Hawk, John Paul Brewer, Brendan Puckett. Not pictured Azul Mendez.

Staff Writer

The Bement School Board met on October 11. In the Bulldog Minute, the board recognized the high school Cross Country team. The administration emphasized how proud they were of the cross-country program since its inception.

What makes this accomplishment so significant is that the boys compete against all divisions and are normally the smallest or second smallest of schools competing. They are currently ranked 21st in the state.

John Strack & Megan Howell were on hand to boast about the integrity of the boys stating that they are all on the high honor roll or straight A list and a few are also in the National Honor Society. “Every day they show up to practice, they work hard, and they don’t give us any grief”, says Coach Strack. “There have never been disciplinary issues, and none have ever been ineligible to play”, he continues.

Coach Strack went on to mention Will Fuson for grabbing the title of State Conference Champion this year. Senior Dylan Howell came in 2nd place in the State Conference. Since his freshman year, Dylan has been all-conference every year.

The boys and girls run in the regionals on Saturday, October 21 in Sullivan. The coaches encourage everyone to come out and support these talented athletes.

Informational Items included:

Wednesday, November 8: Board Meeting, 6:30 PM

Thursday, November 9: Veteran’s Day Program, 9:00 AM

Friday, November 10: SIP, Early Dismissal at Noon

Reports to the board.

Middle/High School principal’s report:

We’re working with Crystal Alexander on a Prom Promise event (mock crash) in April of 2024. Cerro Gordo and Deland-Weldon plan on joining us for the event. It will be planned for a date that is before any of the three schools have their proms scheduled.

Two high school students continue to participate in the Fire Cadet Training Program through the Ivesdale Fire Department. This program allows students to leave school if an emergency call comes through for the students to assist/attend. I am working to identify other students who may have an interest in working through the Bement Fire Department as a cadet.

Cerro Gordo and Bement Middle School Student Councils will be sponsoring joint dances this year. 1st and 4th quarter dances will be held in Cerro Gordo and 2nd and 3rd quarter dances will be held in Bement. Students must be passing all classes to attend the dances. The dance dates are October 13th-Cerro Gordo; December 8th-Bement; March 8th-Bement; and April 26th-Cerro Gordo.

Upcoming Dates:

October 18: Financial Aid Night 6:00 PM

October 27: Dental Sealant Program begins for students

November 3: HS Art Students-Parkland Field Trip

November 9: Picture Retakes

November 9: LPC Choir Festival at Tri-County 7:00 PM

November 10: Online Safety Program for students/staff

Elementary school principal/AD report.

Elementary principal:

Parent/Teacher Conference-91% attendance

October 11: WAND News came to the school to film and interview students about our STEM program. They will let us know when the segment will air.

October 24: Dental Education Program

October 27: Monster Mash at the Lion’s Club 6 PM

October 29: Bement Fall Fright Fest noon-4 PM

October 31: Fall Parties/Halloween

November 11: Veteran’s Day Celebration

PTO: Install swing set Spring 2024

AD Report:

October 21-26: Host the JHOC girls’ basketball tournament

October 21: Booster Club Fundraiser at American Legion Reverse Raffle

November 7: 8th Grade Night for Girls’ Basketball

December 9: Walsh HS Girls’ Basketball Tournament and 5K run

Superintendent’s Report:

Aspiring Substitute Event: This event will be held on October 17 in Cerro Gordo with the intent to hire subs for each district. Bement will host the same event in November.

Resolution of Intent to Issue Bonds: The board voted to adopt the Resolution of Intent to Issue Bonds in the amount of $485,000 at the October meeting. The public will be made aware by publishing the resolution in the newspaper. There will be a hearing at the November meeting with the board making the final vote to approve at the December meeting.

Principal Appreciation Month: Superintendent Vogt expressed her appreciation for the outstanding principals in her district.

Action Items:

•The board approved the hiring of Cristina Wright to teach middle school ELA under the TRS Hard to Fill Program.

•The board approved the hiring of Karla Bradley as the long-term substitute for Hillary Turner, middle school/high school special education teacher.

•The board approved the resolution of intent to issue $485,000 Working Cash Fund Bonds to increase the district’s working cash fund.

The next board of education meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 8, 2023.

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