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Project Empower starts Teen Mental Health First Aid in Douglas County

By Dominik Stallings

High school students in Douglas County will undergo Teen Mental Health First Aid training this school year.

The evidence-based course teaches 10-12th graders how to identify, understand and respond to mental health and substance use challenges in friends and peers. After the first year, only 10th graders will take the course.

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Cabot Corporation donated $3,000 to the Teen Mental Health First Aid training through Project Empower. Summer Phillips, Emma Silver, AManda Minor, Bonnie Vreeman, Cheyenne Holt, Barb Lackey, Kim Martin, Erica Copsy, Kelly Villann, Debra DeMar-Likes, Amina Feder, Karey Lynchm Lauren Christina, James Young. Submitted photo.

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