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Remembering Donald Stump’s family and military legacy

By Carolyn Cloyd

“During the peak of WWII, being a member of a heavy bomber crew meant you were incredibly brave, and you put your country over yourself — it was that dangerous. Many considered the occupation to be a death sentence. Nearly 71 percent of the bomber crews were either killed or labeled as missing in action, which accounts for approximately 100,000 service members.” — Tim Kirkpatrick,

In May 1927, aviator Charles Lindbergh became the first person to complete a solo, nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean, taking off from New York City on May 20 and landing in Paris, France after 33 hours and 30 minutes. Although such flights are common today, it was Lindbergh’s flight that ushered in the era of global air-transportation, making Lindbergh a global hero, and the object of admiration of young boys and girls across this nation who wanted to fly too.

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