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Two diabetic alert dogs help keep two Douglas County girls safe

By Dominik Stallings

Two teenage girls, 14-year-old Jorja Lebeter and 12-year-old Macelyn Boddy, found support for their type 1 diabetes with their canine companions. Their diabetic alert dogs, British labradors Magic and Sherman, can detect whether their blood sugar levels are dropping or spiking.

With type 1 diabetes, the pancreas makes little or no insulin. Insulin allows sugar to enter cells and produce energy. Both high and low blood sugar can cause life-threatening conditions.

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Jorja Lebeter (left) and Macelyn Boddy (right) spend time together with their diabetes alert dogs, Magic and Sherman. Submitted photo.

Jorja Lebeter lies in the grass with her diabetes alert dog, Magic. Submitted photo.

Macelyn Boddy gives Sherman a treat while training with him in Arizona. Sherman came from Bark To Basics Canine Obedience Center in Buckeye, Ariz., which trains service dogs. Submitted photo.

Sherman and Magic stand next to one another during a playdate with their owners, Macelyn Boddy and Jorja Lebeter. Submitted photo.

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