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BEMENT COMMEMORATES 101 DAYS. Ms. Sara Stimson’s 3rd grade class celebrated the 101th day of school on Friday, January 26 imaginatively dressing for the occasion as Walt Disney’s 1961 beloved animated puppy-filled adventure “101 Dalmatians”. Students pictured include (front row) Breya Thompson, Avery Hott, Cora Larson, Harper Price, Fendley Shanks, Claire Ryder, Raegan Stoerger, Kaila Shaw, and Heavenleigh (Grace) Walcher. (Back row) Owen Jayne, Jax Morfey, Riekker Walcher, Connor Kilgore, Ashton Munster, Nolan Cardin (Lind), Isaac Taylor, Tracker McGraw, Callum Cain, Roman Garrett and Sara Stimson (aka Cruella De Vil).

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