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Tuscola’s Sunshine Club brings some light to teachers’ work

By Dominik Stallings

Tuscola High School’s Sunshine Club is not a usual student-run club. It’s a small club of five teachers independent from the school administration. Their goal is to make Tuscola High School a better place for its staff members.

Jennifer Nolan, Mindy Fowler, Susan Rominger, Kelsey Anderson and Mandy Hanner are part of the club, which was started in 2021. Together, they do a few different things. Fowler said they do monthly potlucks, small raffles for staff meetings, lunch for five staff members each month, Christmas gifts for staff members’ children and treats as a small “pick-me-up” every so often.

JOHANNA STEFFENS receiving surprise Jimmy Johns Launch from the Sunshine Club. Submitted photo.

SCIENCE TEACHER PAULA LINKER enjoys a treat from Sunshine Club’s snack cart. Submitted photo.

TUSCOLA HIGH SCHOOL staff sits down to enjoy a meal together during the monthly potluck organized by the Sunshine Club. Submitted photo.

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