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Arthur Village Board: Approve TIF grant

By Ariana R. Cherry

At the most recent meeting of the Arthur Village Board meeting, a tax increment financing (TIF) construction grant request was made by Marsha Boyer for the building at 210 S. Vine St. The grant request included an engineering fee, which typically is not something that TIF pays for.

The building, being 150 years old, is in need of extensive repairs and renovations. Mark Montgomery, who advocated on behalf of Boyer noted that a structural engineering plan is the first major barrier when redeveloping historic buildings. He also stated that the plan of retrofitting older buildings can change and without proper financing, the process can take time.

The Board took time to listen to their arguments and noted that they want to do what they can to help improve the downtown area, but told both Montgomery and Boyer that TIF grants do not cover engineering fees. After much discussion, it was approved to award a $4,500 TIF construction grant for the project, which excluded the requested engineering fee.

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