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So there I was- It took great pains to write this story- literally

By Pete Buckley I’ve heard of the phrase “chronic pain” before, but have never experienced chronic pain… until now. According to Angela Laguipo, BSN, “Pain is an uncomfortable feeling that tells you something is wrong. People feel pain from time to time, but chronic pain is different.” The experts define chronic pain as long-standing pain…

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From my Amish Kitchen- Pumpkin with a spicy touch

By Doris Yoder I am enjoying these nice sunny days, very unusual for November. But we’ll take it anyway. It is hard to imagine this week is Thanksgiving Day. This is a busy time for me. The Christmas craft shows are history. Today I am making party mix and baking fruit cakes. The next several…

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In the Night Sky- Leonid meteor shower peaks

By David Leake The Moon will continue eastward each night to be near Jupiter both Friday and Saturday evening. We’ll see more and more of the Moon each night so, by the weekend, we’ll see a waxing gibbous phase. In between times, the Moon passes from Aquarius to Pisces. Read the rest of this story in the…

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Real Life Wellness- How to educate yourself at home

By Dr. Bill Hemmer Last week, I discussed why our current healthcare model cannot be used to address most people’s health problems because it’s putting a square peg in a round hole. So, what is the alternative? I’m calling it the Kitchen Table Health Club. Read the rest of this story in the E-edition by…

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Jupiter closer than usual; check it out– In the night sky

By David Leake Tomorrow night Jupiter reaches the “opposition” point in its orbit. This means Jupiter is opposite the Sun from our point of view, so it rises in the east as the Sun sets. It also means Jupiter and our Earth are on the same side of the Sun together, so Jupiter is closer…

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The boys of fall– Hook, Line and Sinker

By Tony Hooker What is it about high school football that so captivates folks all across America? Maybe part of the secret can be found in KC’s lyrics above. It truly is an exclusive club, and it’s only offered on a limited basis during an athlete’s career. 14 is the maximum number of games a…

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