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Arthur Through My Eyes

By Trudy Feyereisen This week I would like to take a moment to highlight the “Blessing Box” of the Vine Street Christian Church they have in “Blessing Alley” behind their building. It is a very intentional, well-thought-out ministry right here in our community. I sat down with church office manager Beth Jones and volunteer Jeannene…

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Cold weather snuck up– Memories and Musings

I have just finished spreading 30 bags of cedar mulch; luckily we had three days of Indian summer last week before the rain. I usually do not work with so many heavy bags at one time but fall seemed to be getting away from me. Read the rest of this story by subscribing to the…

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Mental Health matters – Around the halls of ALAH

By Mrs. Hart and Ms. Russel, ALAH School counselors Teen mental health issues have been on the rise since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic brought an array of challenges to our students, such as anxiety, fear, economic hardship, loss, increased screen time, isolation, and academic stress. Schools have always played a pivotal…

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Ramblin’ Man– Philanthropy and foolishness?

By David Porter I was browsing through a clickbait story. You know, those posts online that entice you with an incomplete trivia statement, so you click to read more, and after scrolling through a hundred entries, you realize that they’re never going to give you the information that you wanted. They’re designed to keep you…

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Hook Line & Sinker– Curse of the Bard

By Tony Hooker According to folklore, a coven of witches became upset with Shakespeare for using actual incantations and placed a curse on his play, “Macbeth,” when it first opened. To wit, the character playing Lady Macbeth in its original run in 1606 died so suddenly that Shakespeare himself had to take on the role.…

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