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MTZ boys basketball wins against Taylorville 65-26

Carson Cuddy attacks the paint on the dribble in a 65-26 win against Taylorville at Mt. Zion.

By Blake Faith
Staff Writer

The Mt. Zion boys basketball team won its lone game last week, winning against Taylorville 65-26. Carson Cuddy led all Braves with 15 points, while Jc Anderson (14), Grant McAtee (13), Sam Driscoll (10) were all in double-figures in scoring.

The Braves started the game off on an 11-0 run. The game started off when Cuddy found McAtee for a two-point basket on the first Braves’ possession. Driscoll then scored off an offensive putback and then McAtee scored a three-pointer off a Cuddy assist and a layup off a Driscoll assist.

The Tornadoes cut the Braves lead to 16-10 after the first quarter when Drake Howard hit a three-pointer.

McAtee picked off right where he left off in the second quarter when once again he scored in the paint off a Brayden Trimble assist. The Braves early in the second quarter took a 16-point lead after a Driscoll three-pointer and back-to-back finishes by Anderson to make the score 32-16.

The Braves continued to build on their lead hitting shots and containing the Tornadoes offense to a mere16 points over the next three quarters.

“I was very pleased offensively,” Head coach Dale Schuring said. “We had not practiced against box and one once this year. So we did a great job sharing the ball. Lyncoln didn’t force anything. He just made cuts and when he could get the ball, he got the ball. But other than that we did a good job of attacking. So very pleased offensively, defensively, I know it sounds awful when you hold a team to 26 or whatever, but we gotta get better at defense. We gave up way too many layups, way too many one-on-one drives and some things that we gotta be able to guard better.”

The Braves improved to 24-2 overall and 9-0 in Apollo Conference play. This week the Braves will face Lincoln, Effingham and Eisenhower. The Braves defeated Lincoln early in the season 36-27 and this determines the winner of the Apollo Conference.

“I think the biggest thing to understand is they’re (Lincoln) not gonna shoot two for 26 from three,” Coach Schuring said. “ I think it boils down to who gets to play the game at the pace they wanna play at. And Lincoln is extremely good at making you play the pace they want to play. If the game is in the forties or or low fifties their chances of winning are better than ours. If we get to 60 or above, then we’ve got a better chance. So two completely different styles of play and whoever can impose their will on their style of play, I think will win the game.”

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