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Mt. Zion Math team finishes 11th in state

MT. ZION MATH STATE COMPETITION. Front row, Lydia Marion, Shannon Ahn, Eric Jia, Ethan Hamilton, Makobi Barnes Adams, Mason Gray, Gabe Shumaker, Brooklyn Kondritz, Ashlyn Dover, Kathy Mao, Lyndsey Barnett. Second row, Hope Roundcount, Zach Harvey, Ryan Crowley, Allison Bradford, Claire McNeill, Carter Vance. Third row, Weston Grohne, Mason McNeill, Nick Scherer, Makaylah Barnes Adams, Jack Mason.

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The Mt. Zion Math competed at the regional competition on February 25 at EIU and won the regional championship. The state competition was on April 22 at Illinois State University where the Braves finished 11th out of 45 teams.

The ICTM (Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics) has sponsored the state math team competition since 1980. The competition consists of 10 events that students 9th-12th grade can participate in. Each student takes an individual written test: Freshmen – Algebra I, Sophomores – Geometry, Juniors – Algebra II, Seniors – Pre-Calculus. There are also team tests where the students work together on a written test. Fresh-Soph 8 Person has 4 freshmen and sophomores while Junior-Senior 8 person has 4 juniors and 4 seniors.

The two person teams consist of either a freshman and sophomore or a junior and senior. In this competition the teams compete against each other to complete a series of questions the quickest they can in order to boost their scores. In the calculator test, one freshman, sophomore, junior, and two seniors work together to complete questions that require extensive knowledge of a calculator to complete.

Finally, the oral competition consists of two students that work together to solve problems and present their solutions to experienced mathematics professors. The students are evaluated on their answers and explanations.

The results for the Braves are as followed:

Regional Results

Algebra I: Makaylah Barnes Adams 1st Place (Perfect Score); Mark Mavis 2nd place; Nick Scherer 2nd place

Geometry: Lydia Marion – 1st place; Ryan Crowler – 2nd place; Shannon Ahn – 3rd place

Algebra II: Makobi Barnes Adams – 1st Place; Lyndsey Barnett – 1st place; Brendan Doyle – 3rd place; Mason Gray – 3rd place

Pre-Calculus: Ethan Hamilton – 1st place; Eric Jia – 3rd place; Fresh Soph 2 Person – 1st Place, Lydia Marion & Makaylah Barnes Adams; Jr Senior 2 Person – 1st Place, Eric Jia & Makobi Barnes Adams; Fresh Soph 8 Person – 1st Place, Makaylah Barnes Adams, Nick Scherer, Gabe Shumaker, Carter Vance, Shannon Ahn, Ryan Crowley, Lydia Marion, Jack Mason; Junior Senior 8 Person – 1st Place, Makobi Barnes Adams, Lyndsey Barnett, Mason Gray, Camille Mavis, Weston Grohne, Zach Harvey, Eric Jia, Mason McNeill

Calculator: 1st Place, Ethan Hamilton, Zach Harvey, Brendan Doyle, Shannon Ahn, Mark Mavis

Orals: 2nd Place, Ethan Hamilton & Hope Roundcount – 2nd place, Won our regional competition

State Results

Calculator Team: 1st Place, Ethan Hamilton, Zach Harvey, Lyndsey Barnett, Shannon Ahn, Mark Mavis

Algebra II Team: 5th place, Makobi Barnes Adams, Lyndsey Barnett, Mason Gray, Thomas Kanemaru, Camille Mavis, Kathy Mao; Jr Senior 2 Person – 6th Place, Makobi Barnes Adams & Eric Jia; Jr Senior 8 Person – 10th Place, Makobi Barnes Adams, Lyndsey Barnett, Mason Gray, Thomas Kanemaru, Weston Grohne, Zach Harvey, Eric Jia, Mason McNeill

Team finished 11th place overall out of 45 teams.

The coaches and sponsors for the team are Ross Moyer, Chris Ellis and Bryan Marquis.

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