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ALAH’s Alex Olivero (10) blocks the pass attempt of the Okaw Valley player in the fourth quarter of the eighth grade game on Nov. 27. Other defensive players for the Knights are Carson Reed (30), Mace Stirrett (44), and Landon Willoughby. The Knights have a home game with Mattoon St. Johns on Dec. 7 and then travel to Heritage on Dec. 11.

ALAH Jr. High Boys Basketball
Scoring legend 2s-3s-FTA-FTM-Total points

Nov. 27 vs. Okaw Valley

ALAH 7th grade defeated Okaw Valley 38-17

Scoring: Beau Green 6-0-0-0-12; Bentley Hutson 7-0-6-4-18; Donovan Vanausdoll 4-0-0-0-8

ALAH 8th grade defeated Okaw Valley 30-26
Scoring: Anden Berry 4-0-1-0-8; Landon Willoughby 2-0-0-0-4; Alex Olivero 1-0-0-0-2; Carson Reed 3-0-4-3-9; Mace Stirrett 3-0-3-1-7;

Nov. 30 vs. Tuscola East Prairie

Tuscola East Prairie 7th grade defeated ALAH 35-32

Scoring: Beau Green 4-0-0-0-8; Bentley Hutson 4-0-1-0-8; Jase Kingery 2-0-0-0-4; Donovan Vanausdoll 6-0-0-0-12

Tuscola East Prairie 8th grade defeated ALAH 43-26

Scoring: Anden Berry 1-1-0-0-5; Landon Willoughby 1-0-0-0-2; Alex Olivero 0-0-2-1-1; Zack Newhouse 1-0-0-0-2; Carson Reed 1-1-0-0-5; Jansen Burnett 3-1-0-0-9; Mace Stirrett 1-0-0-0-2

Dec. 1 vs. Decatur Unity Christian

ALAH 7th grade defeated Decatur Unity Christian 45-25

Scoring: Beau Green 4-1-2-1-12; Bentley Hutson 5-0-0-0-10; Greyson Yoder 0-0-2-1-1; Colton Snyder 0-0-2-2-2; Griffin Hilton 3-0-0-0-6; Donovan Vanausdoll 6-0-4-2-14

Decatur Unity Christian 8th grade defeated ALAH 39-27

Scoring: Anden Berry 0-0-2-2-2; Landon Willoughby 1-0-2-0-2; Alex Olivero 3-0-0-0-6; Carson Reed 3-0-4-4-10; Jansen Burnett 1-0-0-0-2; Mace Stirrett 2-0-6-1-5

ALAH Jr. High boys upcoming schedule: Thursday, Dec. 7 vs. Matton St. Johns at home and at Homer vs. Heritage on Dec. 11. Game times are 6 p.m. for seventh grade and 7 p.m. for eighth grade.

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