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A Parade of Love and Caring

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

Kristin Nall, A-H Grade School/Jr. High Principal, organized a parade of teachers, school employees, Atwood Police Chief Rob Bross & Don Gerkin, bus driver, to drive around Atwood and Hammond on Monday.

The signs on the cars, the waves and honking…plus the police siren, let the students and townspeople know how much they love their kids and miss them.

What a wonderful way for them to let everyone know they haven’t forgotten them through this time of social distancing.

The parade was led by Gerkin, followed by Chief Bross, then Principal Nall, and at least 20-30 cars. The signs included “We Miss You,” “Love You,” “Hugs,” and more.

In Hammond three children were outside holding a sign that said, “Thank you for loving us” with a big heart.

In these uncertain times with people basically confined to their homes for the most part, the world is closing in with love and caring.

Thank you Kristin and everyone involved for all you do for our communities.

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