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Message From Arthur CUSD #305 Superintendent Cheek

Dear Arthur CUSD #305 students and families,
As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday break, I want to take a moment and send a message of thanks and gratitude.
In normal years, visiting classrooms, interacting with the students and teachers and witnessing all the good that is occurring has been wonderful. However, COVID-19 has shaken everyone’s world and the positives that are occurring in our district can easily be overshadowed by the monumental challenges we all face.
With all the challenges we have been faced with this school year, my message of thanks and gratitude is a little different this school year. I am so incredibly grateful for our teachers and support staff, who have adapted, reinvented, and modified how they operate and educate our students. I’m also grateful for the custodial and maintenance staff that have provided unselfish service to keep all of us safe and in person. Thank you to the cafeteria staff that have enhanced their safety protocols to ensure that our students are fed throughout the semester. To the parents, a special thank you for your adaptability, patience, grace and positivity throughout all of these challenges we have encountered since the end of last March. I also send a deep appreciation and thank you to the Administration in the district for their sacrifices, flexibility and unwavering dedication to providing the safest and most supportive environment for our staff and students throughout this pandemic. Finally, a huge shout out and thank you to our wonderful students. They have had to endure so many challenges and changes since last Spring and they have continued to adapt and in many cases thrive in the new learning environments created for them. I’m blessed to be able to serve them as their Superintendent.
Although things haven’t been perfect, I’m proud of all of our communities for the patience, grace and dedication to the schools that have been demonstrated since the beginning of this challenging pandemic. I wish you all a restful, peaceful and safe Thanksgiving and look forward to what our amazing district accomplishes moving forward.
I hope each of you can find gratitude and something you are thankful for this holiday season. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Shannon Cheek
Superintendent Arthur CUSD #305

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