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TIF District II discussed at Mt. Zion Village Board meeting

By Eden Crothers
Staff Writer

On Tuesday, January 19 the Mt. Zion Mayor and Village Board met for their regular monthly meeting. There were no comments from the public, so Mayor Williams continued the meeting where the consent agenda was approved. The consent agenda contained the minutes from

December’s meeting, Fund Warrants from January 2021, and the Treasurer’s Report from December 2020.

The first items on the agenda covered the beginning stages of the Route 121 TIF District II. Ordinance one on the agenda approved the redevelopment plan and projects for the TIF District II. The Village hired a consultant to create a plan after analyzing the properties and intended projects. Ordinance 2021-1 was approved by the board.

The next ordinance discussed was the Village Board discussed the designation of the redevelopment project area for the TIF District II. This approves the properties included in the TIF District II. Ordinance 2021-2 was approved by the board. The TIF ordinances continued with the approval of 2021-2 part two. It is an Illinois State statute requirement that established the tax increment financing tool that will be utilized by the Village of Mt. Zion. The last two portions of the TIF District actions included the amendments to properties included in the TIF District I.

Undeveloped properties owned by S.A. Lewis LLC and Mt. Zion Gustin & Nelson were removed from the TIF District I and shifted in the second district. This will allow them to develop the properties and benefit from the new district established.

Julie Miller, Village Administrator, said that a great aspect about the new TIF District are the opportunities for older businesses and properties to grow and improve.

This TIF District II is not only for new construction but for older businesses to update buildings and store fronts. She also stated that several businesses located in the new district have already been in contact with the Village for future projects.

Next on the agenda was a consideration and action on FY 2020 Budget Adjustments. There had been a slight clerical error which resulted in the budget needing $191.26 to balance. The Board approved the adjustment and the FY 2020 budget.

There was an update on the much-anticipated Splash Pad Project. IDPH is currently reviewing the plans. Once the final drawings are submitted including the variances for the fences and bath houses, IDPH will approve. The project is expected to go out to bid in Spring of 2021.

Julie Miller also had two pieces of Administration and Staff Items to update the Board members and Mayor Williams on. The first being that Tiffany Ball was recognized by the Couri Family who had a wedding at the Convention Center. They praised her hard work and were so thankful for her assistance that they made a $1,000 donation to the Mt. Zion Convention Center. Julie Miller expressed how proud she was of Tiffany Ball and the Board members echoed the sentiment. The second update Administer Miller gave was the adjustment of hours at Village Hall. Based on how the office traffic shifted since COVID-19, online tools for the community, and the altered hours of Public Works in relation to the Hall hours, it was recommended that their hours change to 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. As of right now the change is temporary but if it works well then, the change will be made permanent. It was also expressed how this will benefit the customers and community members who need to contact someone regarding Public Works. With the Hall hours overlapping more with the Public Works employee hours, needs can be met more easily with less frustration.

If anyone has any questions about TIF District II or the new Village Hall hours, contact Village Hall at 864-5424 or check out their website for more details. Next Village Board meeting will be February 16 at 5:15 at Village Hall. Online options for the meeting are available.

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