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ALAH Marching Knights Seniors

The Senior class members of the ALAH Marching Band were introduced with their parents before the game last Friday. They gave their premier performance of their Marching Band show, The Great Expedition, at halftime. From left to right: Shaylie Taylor, daughter of Boyd and Shari Taylor; Erin Schrock, daughter of Kenny and Melissa Schrock; Elijah Preston, son of Staci and Wes Ard and Johnathan and Felicia Preston; Cassidee Pantier, daughter of Jason and Lynnette Pantier; Matthew Paddock, son of Jeremy and Rachel Paddock; Kaiden Morfey, son of Chad and Kristin Morfey; Taylor Miller, daughter of Kevin and Lyndora Miller; Colton Middleton, son of Nikki Middleton; Sahara McGuire, daughter of Jeremy McGuire and Laura Binion; Benjamin Matheny, son of Shawn and Wendy Matheny; Rachel Kinney, daughter of Thomas and Jennifer Kinney; Michael Harshbarger, grandson of Paula Harshbarger; Jaiden Carnahan, son of Chris and Jaime Carnahan; and Preston Arnett, son of James and Katatra Arnett.

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