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Swearing in of David Ard Completes the Atwood Village Board

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

David Ard of Atwood was sworn in as a trustee for the Village of Atwood at their regular meeting on Monday, June 14, completing the number of trustees needed for the board. (A picture will follow when all of the members are present for the meeting).

The board voted to change the time of the regular board meetings to 6 p.m. The time has been 7 p.m. for many years.

During public comment, John Moody, who resides in Oak Terrace, was in attendance to inquire if something could be done about three areas where water stands when it rains. The standing water draws mosquitos, making it a mosquito haven. The three areas are divided by culverts.

The ditches have been cut too low (4 inches below the culvert) allowing the water to stand. The board told Moody they would look into the problem.

The board approved expenditures in the amount of $76,357.73.

Village President Bill Fleming told the board he had sent a letter to Steve Tenhouse, CEO of Kirby Hospital, thanking him and his board for the gift of Kirby Medical Center building in Atwood to the Village of Atwood. This will happen when Kirby moves into their new clinic on Rt. 36 in conjunction with Sav-Mor Pharmacy. A letter was also sent to the owner of Kel’s Place requesting the building be painted to make the downtown look better.

Fleming said he had a meeting with village employees to thank them for their hard work.

The board is also looking at the signage around town and see what needs to be done.

Nancy Wierman was appointed FOIA officer and the following employees were re-appointed: Bross, Mercer, Simpson, Soard and Wierman; reappoint Village Attorney Ken Crossman & Building Inspector Roy Elmore. The First State Bank of Atwood was designated depository for the Village.

Clothing allowance for full-time employees in the Water & Sewer Department and Street & Alley Department was increased to $500 per person.

President Fleming received a letter from the Douglas County Health Department regarding COVID vaccines. The letter asked if the village would be interested in hosting an occasional or recurring vaccine drive-thru if it could be worked out and enough people are interested. They could potentially set up shop for several hours to make it more convenient for the residents. They have a trailer and would need to hook up to electricity in order to keep the vaccines cool. If that is not possible, they would bring coolers.

Certain vaccines are given on certain days. The current schedule (subject to change due to vaccine supply) is J & J vaccines on Monday mornings, Pfizer vaccine Wednesday afternoons, and Moderna vaccines all day Thursday.

They are currently going into homes to homebound individuals on Monday afternoons and give J & J vaccine to the individual if they are interested. They would be happy to come to Atwood if there are individuals homebound and need a vaccine.

There would be a questionnaire that each person would need to complete, so they would prefer this be appointment based to save time. This would also let them know how many vaccines to bring, however they indicated it does not have to be.

The board voted to allow the Douglas County Health Department to set up in Richey Park. If you are an Atwood resident and would be interested in this service, please call 217-253-4137, Press 7. The health department is making a list of people who would be interested. More information will follow. Call right away to let the health department know you would like to be on the list.

President Fleming contacted Bibby Appleby who was responsible for displaying the Armed Forces signs on the downtown poles several years ago. Fleming said the signs are old and falling apart and he requested the village take them down. Appleby agreed they had served their purpose and should be removed. If someone would like one of the signs, they will be stored on the south side of the village water building located by the water tower on a first come first serve basis.

A discussion was held regarding a possible request to Farnsworth Group to begin the bid process for the refurbishing of Main Street from Forest Avenue south to the railroad tracks. This would complete the refurbishing of Main Street from Magnolia to Rt. 36. The board approved to contact the Farnsworth Group to begin this process at a maximum cost of $7,500.

The board approved for the unsold previously advertised surplus village property to be disposed of. Of the 27 items advertised, 6 items were sold.

Permission was granted to the Atwood Chamber of Commerce to have a beer garden from 7-11:30 on Saturday, August 21, of the Apple Dumpling Festival. The board also granted a request to once again waive the fee for the liquor license. The beer garden will be located at 110 W. Central Ave.

A public hearing for discussion and action for adoption of Ordinance 21-O-2, Village of Atwood Budget and appropriation Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2021-2022 was set for 5:50 p.m. on Monday, July 12, just prior to the next board meeting at 6 p.m.

President Fleming appointed the following residents to serve on the Zoning Board of Appeals: Dan Wierman, Stan Harris, Mikey Stirrett, Roy Elmore, by virtue of his office as Building Inspector, and David Ard, by virtue of his role as the Chairman of the Zoning committee. The board voted to approve.

The board also approved a motion to advertise for a full-time candidate for another full-time police officer.

During general discussion, Doris Elmore inquired if the board would consider organizing a Beautification Committee for the village. If you drive around town and look at some of the unkept homes, the board would see it is needed. If there are older people who need assistance, a group of volunteers could be organized to help them out. She stated that it shouldn’t take making ordinances for everything to bring the pride back to Atwood. Whether you own or rent where you live, you should have pride in your home and town. Fleming said he would check into this request.

A reminder the next meeting will be held on July 12 at 6 p.m. with the public hearing at 5:50 p.m.

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