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Atwood Police Chief Rob Bross Warns Against Scam Phone Calls

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

Atwood Police Chief Rob Bross tries to keep the residents of Atwood safe every day. This happens in various ways. Chief Bross is informing residents of a scam involving bail bonds he was made aware of on June 24.

According to Chief Bross, in this scam the caller claims they are a relative of the person they called and needs a large amount of money to bond out of jail. The caller pleads for them not to tell anyone they are in jail and insists the money should be sent immediately. In this particular incident, the caller insists on cash and asks for it to be sent to a “halfway house” and their “attorney.” The money was to be sent out of state. Fortunately, this call was determined to be a scam before any money was sent.

Bross continued, “Anyone receiving these calls should not give any information over the phone. This includes relatives’ names, addresses or account numbers. DO NOT send any money! The caller will say anything they can to try and convince you who they are and that they need your help. You may call your local law enforcement agency to confirm any information you receive from these calls.

You are encouraged to report any fraudulent calls to your local police or sheriff’s department.

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