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MTZ Village Board approves pension board reappointments

Staff Writer

The Mt. Zion Village Board met on February 21 and approved two new appointments to the Mt. Zion Police Pension Board and approved an amendment to a traffic schedule ordinance.

Mt. Zion Mayor Luke Williams presented to the board the reappointment of Seth Baker and Dan Martini to the Mt. Zion Police Pension Board. Baker will serve a two-year term that will end on May 12, 2025. Martini will serve a one-year term ending on May 13, 2024.

The Village Board also approved an ordinance amending Chapter 71 when it comes to traffic schedules. The ordinance will be based on Kaye Court beginning 100 ft west of Rich Lane for 300 feet.

The ordinance will prohibit parking based on safety concerns and complaints from citizens to Village staff. People can park in the apartment parking lot nearby.

The Mt. Zion Village Board also approved-

-A resolution to open closed session minutes.

-A resolution to destroy video recordings or audio recordings of past executive sessions.

The Mt. Zion Village Board will meet next on March 20 at 5:15 p.m.

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